Monday, November 12, 2007

favorite colors list

Hello Ladies.... several days ago, i asked everyone to let me know their favorite colors. Several responded and here is the list I have so far:

Martha's faves are aquas, blues, pinks, soft greens, browns, cream/white with PINK being number one. She does NOT like orange, black, or yellow.

Karin loves pastel and vintagey colors/shades

Shoshanah was funny. She said "the only colors i am really "allergic" to are mauve and kelly green. my faves right now are poppy and teal."

Kari said that her holiday palette this year is going to be tones of brown, tarnished silver with blue

Jeanne likes pale aquas, pinks, blues, taupes, cream, white on white and a little bit of celery green

Cerri favors pink, cream, aqua...soft colors, but does not care much for green or bright yellow

Heather loves aqua, brown, red and green, but dislikes purple, bright yellow and orange

Holly (that's moi) I love aquas, blues, pinks, soft greens, browns, cream/white. Anything but orange, yellow or black is good for me.

Donna: RED, aqua, pink, cream, antique white, silver, gold, sage, olive and did I say RED? I like most colors but I'm not big on lemon yellows or orange. I also think black is very grounding and a great accent color.

If there are any additions, I'll try to update the list! Hope this helps!

I can't wait to see all the beautiful things you wonderful artists create. Yay!


martha brown said...

I wish that I had this list BEFORE I made the gifts! LOL -- oh well, next time. But I'll get some name labels on them -- they're being mailed this morning! check out my blog later today for a sneak peak!

Jeanne said...

Holly, thanks for compliing this helpful list. Martha you are really on the ball getting your gifts mailed out today!

Karin said...

Someone mailed their gift already!!!! hrmp....overachiever. LOL...just kidding! :) I'm working on mine today and the color chart will really help. Although, I haven't the faintest what I'm going to do now with all those orange, mauve and kelly green gifts......... :0)

martha brown said...

Oh -- I HAD to mail mine out -- I live in canada -- it could take 3 days to get to H or it could take 3 weeks. The postal services chooses, not I...........
Also -- it was funny that I said I didn't like black.... I pretty much only wear black...... and I do work in orange and pink a lot..... But not yellow. I'm trying to learn to like yellow...... it's a slow curve.....