Sunday, October 7, 2007

12 Days

Just a quick note to everyone..
for those visiting, thank you for your interest. This swap is FULL and was an invitational swap. I think it will be very fun and its not too late to start your own. Invite 11 friends to join you and create some wonderful art to share.

For the participants to THIS swap.. Here is the "button" I made for you to put on your blogs.

You can post it whenever you are ready. I mailed out an update today so if you did not get it, please give me a holler. If you are STUCK om what to make I have started a list of ideas that will hopefully get your creative juices flowing:
- ornaments
- embellished book/ journal
- jewelry
- collages or wall art
- 2008 calendar
- banners, bunting and swags
- charms
- crowns or party hats
- "studio" signs
- picture frames
- boxes- for ATCs, jewelry, trinkets

... if anyone else has any ideas, post 'em!!!! Have fun!


karin said...

So excited!!

karin said...

Oh...and how do I put the button on my blog? Thanks!

martha brown said...

this is a great list of ideas ----- I want to make them all....... I'd LOVE a STUDIO sign. Maybe then people would think that I really do have a studio -- and not just a REALLY messy basement.